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Live streaming chat application for smartphone users

BIGO LIVE is one of the most popular mobile apps for those who have been looking to engage in real-time video chats. While it is still primarily used by those within Asia, its presence has been growing throughout the western world. Offering similar functions to those provided by WhatsApp, Bigo is perfect for social media uses as well as casual communications.

Primary Uses and Functionality

BIGO LIVE provides window-in-window chat capabilities, so both users will be able to see one another while they speak. Both parties are able to text message while video chatting. As the messages will appear directly within the video feed, this is a notable benefit when compared to other mainstream options such as Skype. It is possible to connect with millions of users from around the world as well as to follow the latest celebrity posts. Virtual gifts and the possibility to win prizes are other fun options.

Additional Details of Bigo

BIGO LIVE provides users with the ability to earn money by exchanging virtual 'beans'. So, some prefer to utilize this service as a means to generate additional income. It is possible to link Bigo feeds to other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This bundle is not intended to be used by children.

BIGO LIVE is a live video streaming social network. Broadcast your life and build your audience!

+ Live Broadcasting – Sing. Dance. Cook. Give make-up and fashion tutorials. Talk about movies. Broadcast what you’re good at and let people enjoy!

+ Real-time interaction – Engage with your audience on your live sessions. Have a chat with your favorite broadcasters.

+ Follow Broadcasters – Follow interesting broadcasters. You can receive notifications when they are broadcasting.

+ Virtual gifts – Send hearts, lollipops, and other gifts to your favorite broadcasters in real time.

+ Mobile streaming –You can watch Live videos anytime and anywhere.

+ Bonuses – Get lots of audience. Keep your followers. We’ll give you interesting offers!

Do it whenever you want, from wherever you are. Have real-time interactions with your audience. Show people what you're good at and build your fan base!


  • An excellent alternative to traditional video chat software.
  • It is possible to send gifts and to earn extra money through Bigo.


  • As some content is intended for adults
  • parental guidance is required.
  • In-app purchases will be presented to the user.

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BIGOLIVE 4.36.0 for Android

User reviews about BIGOLIVE

  • Ahmet Mustafa

    by Ahmet Mustafa

    For me, BIGO LIVE probably has the most high quality video chat out of all the live stream and video chat software that I've tried befoMore

  • Alfie Williams

    by Alfie Williams

    The recording and editing tools of BIGO LIVE is actually good. I was actually surprised at the level of its goodness because to be honeMore

  • Mattia Santiago

    by Mattia Santiago

    As an aspiring singer, platforms like BIGO LIVE are really haven for us. We don't easily get a platform wherein we can showcase the talMore

  • Mattia Santiago

    by Mattia Santiago

    As an aspiring singer, platforms like BIGO LIVE are really haven for us. We don't easily get a platform wherein we can showcase the talMore

  • Georgina Packer

    by Georgina Packer

    I just tried BIGO LIVE today for fun because my friends told me that this is an enjoyable platform. And they are actually telling the tMore

  • mohammed sagoe

    by mohammed sagoe

    BIGO LIVE not only provides a real-time video chats for its users but it also allows users to earn or give money by exchanging virtual More

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